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"Leif’s last breath is about a Viking who travels the sea and meets his death bravely on the battlefield, and then this beautiful Valkyrie brings him to Valhalla. We always talked about writing a Viking song, and we actually tried once, but it ran out in the sand so to speak. But this song came very easy. Both the music and lyrics just came together effortlessly."

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Black Anvil kills; black metal courses through their callused veins. Their hearts were stricken with this curse, not in a Norwegian Pagan forest, but on the cement tundra of New York City. The members’ former band, Kill Your Idols, reinvigorated the New York hardcore sound while meandering into oversaturated metal. When KYI disbanded bassist and vocalist Paul Delaney, guitarist and vocalist Gary Bennet, and drummer Raeph Glicken took their love of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest and went on to form Black Anvil.

After two albums, 2008’s Time Insults the Mind and 2010’s Triumvirate, they recruited a second guitarist – Sos – and developed a new songwriting approach. With the release of Hail Death, Black Anvil’s forged a sound to decimate your eardrums.

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Acrania - Totalitarian Dystopia (4/5 stars)

Special Duties – 77 One More Time Volume I (4.5/5 stars)

Midnight - No Mercy For Mayhem (4.5/5 stars)

USA Out Of Vietnam – Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes (3.5/5 stars)

John Hiatt – Terms Of My Surrender (4/5 stars)

We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of The Dirty Nil's ”Guided By Vices.”The track is off their new Cinnamon b/w Guided By Vices 7”, which is out today on Fat Wreck Chords.

Stream the track here.

The 1st September will see The Hiding Place unleash their new EP, So This Is Home. Offering up a layer cake of ideas, ambition and thumping conviction, the release is a positively widescreen presentation; brimming with sumptuous melodies and brazen guitar attacks, the quintet cleverly intersperse their post-hardcore with twinkling moments of downbeat ambience. “We wanted to write something that we felt sounded like ‘us’,” remarks Webber; “Something personal that didn’t feel like it was confined to a particular genre. It feels as though we have drawn a line under our previous releases, as if they were merely us warming up: now we have refined our sound to reach this point.” The Midlands quintet guide us through the EP here.

Exclusive Album Stream: Crisis Arm - Rend

Crisis Arm is a 3-piece band from the desert town of Hemet, CA. Emerging onto the scene in 2010, Crisis Arm has been slowly plugging away at the shoe gaze revival giving serious nods to their predecessors like My Bloody Valentine, but don’t ever seem to lose their punk mindset with some heavy Dischord-like song structure. With the band being heavily involved with their recording process and overall tone, Crisis Arm always seems to have a strong grasp on what they’re going for with each release. “Rend”, which will be released via Mayfly Records on August 19th, 2014, is no different in that regard. The band has revealed 3 songs (Resemblance, Drain, and Coy) off their upcoming effort via various radio outlets such as Part Time Punks, and DKFM.

Rend is out today on Mayfly Records and available for purchase here.